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Alpha Ministries was established over 50 years ago while accomplishing their mission to restore homes, lead villages and communities to Christ and helping thousands in need of basic resources. With the help of so many churches, ministries and volunteers, Alpha Ministries created an organization to build churches within the Indian and African communities. Pastor Bennie Matthews, President of Alpha Ministries, began his journey after resigning from his job in the medical field and began working full time with Alpha ministries to empower and motivate Christian believers that were being persecuted for their faith. “…there have been more atrocities against Christians in the past four years than in the preceding 50 years” (Lobo, 2002).

It is imperative that society continues to contribute to this specific ministry because of the lack of resources, medical help and education system. There are so many ways to give and a monetary gift of $15 can provide a child with education. Additionally, volunteering to help build churches within the communities, spread the gospel of Christ, supplying water, the list goes on. A donation makes a world of a difference. Listen to Bennie Matthews via podcast speak at VOM Advance Conferences about “Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ”.

Take a listen for yourself.

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